Studio Art Projects

As a Studio Art student, I spent as much time in the studio as in the computer labs. I focused on printmaking, and gravitated towards taking familiar objects and repurposing them in ways to communicate ideas of technology, multiculturalism, and joy.

"Paths" involved creating wooden domino blocks and silk-screen printing 25+ unique designs on each block. The resulting dominoes allowed for a satisfying, and magnetic interaction reminding users of toys of their past, while bringing up symbols of the contemporary lifestyle.

"Notebook" was part of a book-making project where I took an old laptop and repurposed it as a book. This gave me an excuse to hollow out an old laptop and examine its inner workings without having to feel guilty about waste or destruction.

Some more shots from the studio. My unintentional focus for my last semester of work involved primary colors and soft cooked eggs.

Anna M. Pfoertsch