Design Projects

Role: User research, concept ideation, wireframing, high-fidelity mockups, app development

Design Problem: Students do not have a good understanding of their reading assignments. They whiz through their reading without paying attention or reflecting, trying to balance all of their readings in different places, relying on a medley of books and internet tabs. Logoi unifies readings into one app, while also letting you take sharable notes.

Process: After initial user research by talking to students across campus, we began iteratively designing our mobile app. I was in charge of almost all of the design work, as well the code implementation, and spent much of my time teaching my teammates how to use tools such as the Adobe suite for creating paper prototypes, as well as setting up their environment to create a web app.

Design Problem: Tourists want to spend their valuable travel time efficiently. This means a quick and effortless booking process and less wait time ine lines, while still staying safe.

Role: User research, concept ideation, wireframing, high-fidelity mockups

Process: After identifying the issue in tourism and performing market research, my fellow designers and I focused on creating a not only a web platform for planning and creating your trip, but also researching cards to see how they can be used to transfer information, and a users interaction with it.

Anna M. Pfoertsch