Messing with Realities

Role: Developer, user research, concept ideation, general shenanigans

Process: I have an idea and I go for it. A lot of these projects are half-baked, and are more for the sake of my trying out technology

After spending a summer interning at Microsoft, going back to college was a blast of reality where students around me weren’t constantly enthused and fascinated by any piece of technology Microsoft ships. Among this is the HoloLens, a device that a lot of students didn’t know about, or were even a little afraid of. As an exercise for creating my first “holograph”, as well as an exploration into having young students interact with a new piece of technology, I rendered a paper cup from our dining hall as a standalone piece that students could play with.

A suprising amount of students reacted very, very negatively towards the HoloLens. There were concerns not only of the device not fitting over their hair, but a general fear in tampering with the reality that you see in front of you. Only very few students were enthusiastic and curious about trying out mixed reality, and they were generally STEM students who were excited and knowledgeable about new technologies and were alright with feeling uncomfortable.

To continue my AR exploration, I play around with Androids AR Core. Currently I’m ripping character models from Animal Crossing, animating them, and placing them in a AR environment where they collect fruit.

Anna M. Pfoertsch